Hey, I'm Cloey! Your travel & love obsessed photographer. I've been shooting weddings for five years now, photographing for 7. My passion for documenting love stories came when I shot my first ever surprise proposal. Up until this point I had only shot portraits and families. I'll never forget the massive rush of serotonin I got being able to capture something so important. I still get that feeling every time I shoot a wedding, elopement, proposal, couples session, etc. These moments are going down in history and nothing is more important to me than documenting exactly how they FEEL, special and unique to you. I truly believe, it's not the aesthetics that make a photo special, it's simply the feeling and emotion behind the moment captured. 

 your photographer for all things love

Travel is my main goal in life! My parents took me on a trip to Thailand when I was 13 and ever since then I've been obsessed with seeing and experiencing new cultures. Since that first trip out of the country I've returned to Asia three times, spent three months living in Africa with one of my best friends, and explored some of the most beautiful places in Europe. I'm almost always offering special deals for couples who want to get married abroad, so never hesitate to ask about my upcoming travel dates! 

| One of my dreams is to live in Italy for 6 months 

| I love country music (the old GOOD stuff) 

| I got my first camera at 14

| I started shooting weddings at 16 

| I got married to my ultimate bestie in October 2021 near Mt Bachelor in Bend, OR

| Me and my husband have remodeled and lived in two fifth wheel trailers but recently moved into our first home

| We have a mini Aussie we love so much