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I love life and all its beauty so much. I love that humans fall in love with each other and connect over the randomist little things, I think its so beautiful and fascinating. Those weird random things that you and your partner bonded over is my why. I love the little things sooo much and I have spent my whole life trying to document them. I’ve always carried a camera around and tried to take little videos or photos of random things I love because it feels like all those little moments, the ones typically deemed as unimportant, are the ones that go undocumented. Yet, those are the very things that contribute so greatly to our happiness. That’s why I love telling peoples stories and freezing moments, it allows my clients to relive all those little things that made them love each other, and life, so so much.  

It's the little things...

Being at the river soaking up the sun all day, sitting by a campfire, listening to the old country music my dad played when I was kid, or my grandpa playing the harmonica. I find inspiration through strangers and travel. I love meeting new people and learning about their cultures and backgrounds. I’m inspired by the fact that we can connect with people who we don’t even speak the same language as. I’m inspired by so many other little random things: tall trees, airplane rides, the desert, leather stuff (idk why lol I just love it), jewelry & hand crafted goods, the way the water sparkles in the sun, cute coffee shops, crisp fall air, hugs, gut laughing, screaming songs alone in my car, seeing new places for the first time, and a million other little things. 

I find inspiration through the things that make me happy. 

I was that little girl who was fascinated with their parents camera. My mom always had a camera and took pictures of everything. To this day she has books and books of photos she’s printed over the years. Around 10ish I got an iPod nano, which if you know, has a camera on it. I filmed every single thing on that bad boy because I wanted to remember everything. As I got older I started getting into documenting by taking photos and eventually bought a super inexpensive point and shoot. That’s really where the journey began, I started taking photos of everything, my friends, plants, anything I could. Eventually I upgraded to a canon rebel and I shot my first ever couples session (a surprise engagement at a waterfall, it made me fall in love with shooting couples). That first couples session turned into many more and eventually I started shooting weddings. My first wedding filled my heart, something about the love and excitement of a wedding day fueled me. Once I had finished editing that wedding and delivered the final products, the feedback I got brought me to TEARS, which if you know me is a big deal because I’m not a cryer at alllll. From that day forward I knew I wanted to do weddings forever and three years later here I am, shooting weddings and telling love stories. It’s my favorite job I’ve ever had because it never feels like one.

My love of story telling has always run deep,

Connecting with new people, getting to be a part of documenting peoples life and love, my family and friends, the river, the sunshine, and so much more! My favorite thing ever is that we’ve even been given the opportunity to exist. Life is so beautiful, and I’m just grateful to be alive and that I can write this list of things in the first place.

These are a few of my favorite things,

Cloey is a very professional but laid back photographer. Not the kind that makes you feel like you’re so embarrassed to be on the lense end of a camera. But the kind that makes you feel like she’s not there to take your pictures. She’s there to hear your favorite playlist. Learn about your love story/life story. To hand you a La Croix when you’re thirsty. And make you gut laugh about her random embarrassing moments.
She get’s to know what’s important to you just by listening to what you randomly bring up in conversation and then later on surprises you with the perfect picture that reflects whatever that may be. 
Ex. I don’t even remember telling her that I love all the random holes in my husbands socks, but when I received my package of finished photos I found a picture of my husband with a hole in his sock and I’ll forever get to look back on that random, cute “moment in our 20’s” that’s now forever documented in the most artistic way possible. She’s the absolute best!

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