never fails. 

- 1 corinthians 13:7-8

+ Location scouting

your story documented, starting at

+ Custom engraved USB flash drive with all your photos

+ High-resolution images

+ Online Gallery

+ Images that showcase your family's connection

A password-protected gallery you can access, anywhere and anytime. Ready to share with friends and family.


Family PACKAGE 01.

This package is for those once in 10 years photos where you gather EVERYONE together for cheesy laughs and big grins. Meant for multiple family group photos!


-My help location scouting
-A what to wear guide in PDF format
-Multi family group photos
-Individual photos of each family
-Full online gallery that can be accessed by everyone
-One location
-One outfit
-One hour
-100+ high quality images ready to print or share on social media platforms. 

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The whole dang fam 

Family PACKAGE 02.

The single family package is for one family. An hour of lovin up on your family, playing with the kids, and crackin inside jokes.


Get in touch for a detailed outline of this package

- One hour shoot time
- One location
- One outfit 
- 100+ high quality images ready to print or use on social media platforms  
- My help location scouting 
- A 'what to wear guide' in PDF format
- Full online gallery to share with friends and famiy

Single family 

family PACKAGE 03.

The mothers connection package is just for the mama. A day about you. I love to get creative with these shoots and capture just how intimate of a time this is for you. Typically themed with props. 


- One location
- As many outfits as you want
- In studio or out of studio option
- 100+ high quality images ready to print and use on social media platforms


Mothers connection | MATERNITY 

family PACKAGE 04.

This package is centered around all three of you. A couples shoot that highlights this intimate time of your life in the most special way. This shoot is customizable. Wether in a glowing sunny field or in the comfort of your home, these images will freeze this special period for you in a timeless manner. 


- One location
- Two outfits
- 200+ high quality images ready to print or use on social media platforms 
- Full online galley 
- Custom wooden box with select prints
- Custom engraved USB

Just the three of you | Maternity 

I get home and immediately back up your images! No matter how tired I am, I make sure your once in a lifetime images are in multiple safe spots.

take a peak into my editing process 

     Next I start culling the images, this means going through and weeding out the double takes. I make sure to keep allll the money shots and separate them into their own spot to begin editing.

      Once the editing is done I back up all the edited images and begin preparing them for you! I put them in an online gallery, upload them them to your custom engraved USB drive, print a select number, and get your package ready. This last step is my favorite. Hearing your reaction to your photos fills my heart back up and fuels me for my next shoot.



     Here comes the editing, one of my favorite parts of the process. I typically edit my top 5 faves and send them to you as some "sneak peaks", cause I know you're anxious to see them. I go through and edit each photo, color correcting, photoshopping, etc.



Together we will create something unique to you.

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